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No longer does one have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the perfect Thai masseuse. One location, hidden from the crowded street traffic and hordes of walking tourists is one massage location perfectly tailored to meet the scrutiny and demands of even the most sophisticated massage enthusiast.

Klaus M., a German ex-pat with more than eleven years of Pattaya massage experience gleefully expresses his pleasure with the only Pattaya massage that completely fulfilled all his expectations and more.

“I spend nine months of each year for the past eleven years enjoying all the activities, the golf, the culture and the massages which Pattaya offers in abundance.” Klaus continues, “You can call me an aficionado of massages or you can label me a perfectionist for demanding that I, not the Thai lady, but I control every aspect of my massage.

Klaus has a condo not far from The Avenue Shopping Center. He’s centrally located so that he can walk or motorbike to virtually anywhere in Pattaya within minutes. With such flexibility Klaus has tasted the flavors of Pattaya massages from Pattaya Tai to Nua Pattaya. If there’s a massage sign on the street, you can bet that Klaus has visited and maybe left his mark.

“Sure,” Klaus says, “some massage locations are better than others most, however, are terrible; not worth the measly prices. Still, I never gave up, always believing that massage nirvana was available and waiting for me in Pattaya.”

As always patience is rewarded. Klause reveals, “The only massage shop I’ll recommend is one that does not solicit every Thailand tourist. It’s located in Central Pattaya and once you know exactly where it is-you’ll never go elsewhere-guaranteed.”

All the girls are magnificent, all talented in their own right. Seriously, they’re not all Carmen Electra’s or Jennifer Lopez but one will have a hard time selecting the most beautiful from a bevy of beautiful Thai girls.

My Girl Massage not only offers all the favorite massage styles but also lets you select your Thai lady from a lovely assortment of magnificently trained and obedient girls. Amazing!